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Pioli, Peyton's Place is in KC

I've been to the KC Chiefs draft party a couple of times since Pioli took over, and his assessment of Matt Cassel in his one year start at New England might have been enhanced by his own blinders. I love the fact that Romeo is taking the reins, because KC should be competitive defensively for years to come. Imagine what that Defense will look like this year with the return of Berry in the secondary. The new offensive coordinator, Brian Daboll from the Miami Dolphins, was hired this week. This run first mindset should fit well with what KC is trying to do offensively, and would look great with Peyton Manning at the helm. For weeks I've been praying that the Great Pioli would steal Manning from the Colts, and now Peyton is publicly acknowledging that he is not interested in guaranteed money. And Peyton Manning is MUCH better than Matt Cassel.
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Surviving a heart attack

I've felt compelled to write this story, since it almost wasn't written. I am a survivor of 7 heart attacks, and had a recent scare that I thought was my 8th, and final heart attack. For those of you who think you're too young for this information, you are exactly who I am trying to reach. You see, I had all the warning signs in the world, spent a decade trying to stop the inevitable from happening, and survived where most don't. Heart disease is a leading killer in our country, and the numbers are getting worse. Please follow through and read this story, it will all be fact based and true. It might save your life.

As a kid, and a young man, I was very athletic, and participated in a full range of sports and athletic activities. I lived my life to the fullest, from running and playing to working and partying. I also have five children. I've been married twice, divorced twice, and been self employed most of my life. I've had lots of successes, and a few failures, but not because of lack of effort. I'm a type A personality, and always give a premium effort in any undertaking I chase. That saved my life so far in fighting heart disease. At 47 years of age, I've had multiple surgeries in the last four years, including four heart catherization procedures to open blocked vessels on my heart. I have two stent placements and take 21 pills a day. Now I want to tell you all how I got here, and if anyone wants to talk to me personally, send me a PM and I'll respond.

Doctors were people I didn't want to see. I still don't, but if not for the education and skills of one man, I wouldn't be here right now, telling you all how to survive where most don't. I was 34 years old, suffered a nasty ankle sprain playing men's softball, and in the Dr.s office for the first time in years. I was healthy, never sick, and worked unbelievable hours when I wasn't playing. The nurse checked my blood pressure, asked me if I was taking any medication for it, and then left the room. The Dr came in, and instead of asking about my ankle, he started asking me questions about my "heart health". I told him that I was healthy and had no cardiac issues. I told him about my running, my working, my diet and my life choices, including smoking. After a full blood work up, I was called back into the Dr.s office and told that my cholestrol count was over 400, that my HDL (good cholestrol) was non-existent and my LDL (bad cholestrol) was life threatening. He advised me that if I didn't make serious changes, I was going to succumb to heart disease.

My first prescriptions were lipitor and altace, one to fight the cholestrol and the other to control my blood pressure. I hated it. I took the Lipitor for 6 months, and suffered an agonizing side effect which went unchecked, due to my own ignorance of the possible side effects of the drugs I was taking. The drug can cause serious muscle aches, especially with your legs, in some patients. I was one of those patients. When I finally complained to my Dr about these side effects, he switched my cholestol drugs so that I was taking a statin drug, called Crestor, and another called Zetia. I still take both today. There are still side effects, which are unavoidable, because not taking the drugs put me in further danger. I live with it. The Dr. also gave me another drug, that I carry in my front left pocket everywhere I go- nitro glycerine. Nitro has saved my life twice. You see, nitro enters your blood stream through your tongue almost instantaneously, causing your arteries and vessels to expand and relax, lowering your blood pressure, and giving you time. If you are the least bit risky for heart disease, either through blood disorder or poor physical fitness, you should always carry nitro on your person and take one 325 mg aspirin every day. The aspirin works as a blood thinner, and the nitro will save your life when you least expect it. This I know as fact.

My first heart attack hit minutes after extreme exercise. It was extremely painful, and I knew what was going on instantly. I reached in my pocket, took out the little brown bottle of nitro, and ingested the first pill. You place it under your tongue, and let it dissolve. The side effects are quite noticeable; you will suffer a head rush, and if the pill works, an immediate relaxation. When I was first given the nitro, the instructions were simple: don't go anywhere without it, and if you think you're having a heart attack, take one, wait five minutes, and then take another if you're still having symptoms. If you reach a third pill, rush to the ER. I've reached the third pill 5 times. When I first took the third pill, I was already having extreme pain and loss of breath, I was sweating profusely, and it felt like I rang my funny bone in my left elbow TIMES TEN. You will know its a heart attack, I guarantee you this. Don't waste time; it only takes minutes to succumb to a heart attack. The only reason I've survived so far is the quick thinking and positive reaction to the warning signs. So many others die because they feel so bad that all they want to do is lay down. DON'T. Get to the ER as soon as possible. When I made my first visit, the attending physician said my EKG was normal. He believed it was a false alarm; but it wasn't. The blood flow to my left arm was non existent, and it was cold and purplish colored. I showed the ER doctor, and he called a cardiologist in. Before the cardiologist got there, I was in a full blown second heart attack, and the enzyme levels from my blood assured the medical staff that I was indeed having heart attacks. The EKG still showed normal, so the staff was in confusion as to what was happening to me, but the blockage and subsequent heart attacks were real. The pain relief they gave me only masked some of the pain; I am quite aware of everthing that was going on at the time, with a heightened sense of awareness of everything. Prayer in the ER was all I could think to do, because the situation got very bad really quick. Before I had my first surgery, I suffered five heart attacks. The fifth one came two hours before a scheduled heart catherization, which had to be moved up to a life saving procedure. Today, just four years later, heart catherization is done almost as soon as the enzyme level proves that a heart attack is taking place. That has happened to me three times, including recently, when the procedure was done because of my medical history.

Heart catherization is done by a cut to the right of my groin, into the main artery of my right leg, and a contrast dye is injected to highlight the blocked area. The surgeon then takes a wire and runs it up your artery to the blockage, and then a balloon is inflated to clear the block and restore blood to the affected area of your body. In my case, they had to install a "stent", a spring looking device that is put in the vessel, keeping it open and freely flowing blood to which ever part of the body that is affected. After two weeks, the stent grafts itself into the vessel and stays there. Physical limitations include no lifting and no strenuous exercise for at least two weeks, allowing the stent to graft into place. If everything goes the way it's supposed to, the area will remain open and free flowing, stopping cardiac arrest. If everything goes right. My sixth heart attack was a blockage at the stent that was implanted, and once again it was a sharp, incredible pain in my left arm and elbow, shortness of breath, and profuse sweating. I was driving a car, and made it to the ER entrance where I collapsed. I've been quoted as saying "God can drive cars". All I remember is pulling the car in front of the ER, throwing my keys on the hood and walking in the door. My daughter was on the phone with me, making sure I made it to the hospital in time and where my route and location was during the drive. When I came to after the surgery, my family was at my bed, praying and worrying.

My diet drastically changed from the 400+ cholestrol to where I sit today, under 150. I will be on cholestrol drugs for the rest of my life, and my diet is forever changed. That's the hardest part of surviving all I've been through; Nebraska corn fed beef is the best in the world. Now all I can do is look at it. LOL. I'm allowed a generous 4 ounce portion of lean beef once in awhile, but now I eat lots of chicken and turkey, fruits and veggies. I don't drink alcohol, but an ice cold beer once in awhile is ok, just not recommended. I can have a little wine if I like, but I choose to not drink. I want to be sharp if something happens, and alcohol dulls everything, including your senses. I don't eat fried foods, or high fat content foods. With the change in my diet, I've added years to my life as long as I take my meds and rest. Recently, we had another scare, and now a new drug has been added to my daily take. Now I take norvasc, which gives me an ongoing dosage of nitro glycerine 24/7. It's been tough getting used to, as I have been extremely drowsy and sleepy, and have slept more since my last illness that I ever have. I'm getting used to it, but I miss alot of you here. Hopefully I'll be back to normal soon, and back to doing what I love. I did go to the College World Series yesterday, and am going again Monday if I can hack it.

If anyone out there has a question about heart disease or blood related disease, feel free to call me out and I'll share what I know. If this blog saves one person's life, it was well worth writing. Peace.
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CBSSportsline needs fixing. You will be next.

Good morning people. I want to share the biggest hypocrisy on CBSSportsline. If I don't write this blog, others will succumb to the same fate as many of us have already endured. What you are about to read was posted right here, on threads supported and supervised by administration on this site. Warnings work, if you have a gang of people to back you up. The concept in itself should work for good as some in here offend the masses and the masses respond in kind to end their ridiculous hyperbole. However; when the offensive gang up, and pick on one person at a time, they can be cruel and indignant to ANYONE. I'm going to give you some disturbing examples of what some of these people have gotten away with, openly and unpunished. Amazingly, when one righteous individual stands up to these internet "bullies" that person has to succumb to the most hatred filled attacks and harrassment that is considered to be internet bullying and is illegal by law in this country. You could be next. My status here has taken a beating at the hands of these posters, and another in here has to put up with the most aggregious of attacks. I warned the entire group to leave the man alone; instead their attacks were directed at me and are even more cruel to the poster I'm talking about. YOU WILL BE NEXT. Please take your time reading this; make CBS accountable for allowing this criminal behaviour to continue.

They post under a thread titled "Pile of Frauds" and their membership have no conscience.

Feel free to scroll through the threads. I have to warn you, some of the attacks are vicious. I hope CBS reads this blog, allows it to flow, and that your comments are paid attention to. Please comment. Gang violence is on the internet.

Posted on: December 20, 2008 11:04 am

Scorpionbite's Bowl Bonanza

Another college football season is winding down through the bowl games, and as we stated in the preseason..parity has taken ahold of college football. We still have the "haves" and "have-nots" with the Big XII south far superior to any conference in college football, lead by their charge of top college athletes as witnessed in the Heisman and other top honorees. With this in mind, let's take a look at what I perceive as the most lopsided matchups in the history of college football.

Wake -3 Navy (43) Wake 30-20

Fresno -3 Co St. (60) Fresno St. 31-24

USF -12.5 Memp (52) USF 17-3

Arizona -3 BYU (61.5) BYU 41-31

Troy -4.5 So Miss (54.5) Troy 34-21

TCU -2.5 Boise (46) Boise St. 19-13

Hawaii -1.5 ND (48) Notre Dame 28-10

C. Mich -7 Fla Atl (62.5) Florida Atlantic 31-30

UNC -1 WV (44.5) West Virginia 27-21

FSU -5 Wisc (52.5) Florida State 24-21

Cal -7.5 Miami (50) Cal 28-17

N. Ill -1.5 La Tech (47.5) LaTech 24-20

Rutger -7 NC ST. (53) NC State 31-27

Mizz -12.5 NW (66) Missouri 63-20

Nevada -1.5 Maryland (58) Maryland 28-10

Rice -3 W. Mich (73) Rice 48-42

Ok ST -3 Oregon (76.5) Oklahoma State 49-31

Houston -2.5 Air Force (64) Houston 38-20

Oregon St. -3 Pitt (53) Oregon State 20-14

BC -4 Vandy (41) BC 17-16

Kansas -10.5 Minn (58) Kansas 44-20

Ga Tech -5 LSU (50) Georgia Tech 21-20

Iowa -4 SC (43) Iowa 17-16

Clemson -3.5 Neb (55.5) Nebraska 42-21

UGA -7.5 Mich. St (54) Georgia 38-21

USC -10 PEnn St. (45) USC 21-13

Cincy -1.5 Va Tech (42) Virginia Tech 21-16

TT -5.5 Ole Miss (70.5)  Texas Tech 63-31

ECU -1.5 Kentucky (42) East Carolina 27-16

Bama -10.5 UTAH (45.5) Alabama 31-10

UCONN -4.5 Buff (51.5) UConn 28-21

Texas -9.5 OSU (53.5) Texas 38-21

Ballsacu -2.5 Tulsa (77) Tulsa 44-41 OT

Florida -3 OU (72) Oklahoma 63-31

I'm attempting to follow up my fantasy championships this year and my wins in the handicapping contests on "king and sleepys excellent adventure" with a profitable bowl bonanza! Both of my college football fantasy teams won their championships with scores for each over 1700 and 1782, two of my pro football fantasy teams are playing in the championship this weekend on CBS and I'm on fire with my college bowl picks!

Happy Holidays to all of you football fans!

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Packer spin machine needs to shut up.


Let me make this perfectly clear to Packer backers: Karma is a b^tch. Brett wanted to play football for the Green Bay Packers. Period. He wanted to retire from the Green Bay Packers. He did so. The champion in him wanted to compete. And play for the Green Bay Packers. Ted Thompson and Mike McCartney took Brett Favre at his word after his tear filled press conference, and moved on. That's what good franchises do. But then, after months of healing, and talk of training camp, things Brett Favre had been accustomed to in Green Bay for his entire career, he had a change of heart. He still has it. He still wants to play. The only problem was Green Bay moved on. They groomed their first round draft pick for four years under the games greatest of all time. And he learned well. I laughed when I saw his interview, talking about how Brett taught him to look off defenders with the stripe on his helmet. Words of wisdom. The best students have the best teachers; that's why they are the best.

This is where we have our divorce. Brett wanted in, they weren't expecting that. I'm not blaming Ted Thompson for taking a vacation, leaving work behind, heaven forbid that right be taken away. And its too bad that Brett probably overreacted to the lack of communication, and said something out loud that would have better been left unspoken. It happened. I'm sure he regrets it. Lets face it; when we are at the end of our career, we want to be sure we're done. Brett was far from done. People told him so. But the way he lost the last game of the 2007 season; on an interception in OT in the NFC championship game in front of his home fans. I'm sure it cost him so much sleep. I find myself cheering for him as a Jet just as much as I did when he was a Packer. And I've never been a Packer fan. Brett makes the NFL a better place to visit.

Anyone in the Packer front office that denies they mishandled the whole situation won't be there in two years. The NFL is like that. And spinning stories into the press about malfeasance by a disgruntled former player just to make themselves look better is intolerable. The truth will come out, and heads will roll. Who owns the Green Bay Packers? THE FANS.

Now Brett has taken his ball and is playing in a different playground, having a blast and feeling some comfort now with his new playmates. Hes looking good. Thomas Jones is underutilized right now; but they are seeing what they acquired him for, and his success is going to open huge touchdowns off of play action like Brett had in Green Bay with Ryan Grant. Edgar Bennett and everyone in between. Jones is good. Leon Washington is a good third down back, and Coles and Cotchery are capable wideouts. Stuckey seems to be depth that position sorely needed. The offensive line is gelled, and the Jets are loaded at TE. Despite a confusing gameplan in Oakland, where at one point in the game Jones was averaging over 9 yards per carry after 14 carries, this NY Jet team can beat anyone. They are going to be a tough out in the second half of the season.

Now tell the Packer spin machine you're sick and tired of it and you're not going to take it anymore. Otherwise you have to deal with karma......

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NCAA Week 3

As I see it........

Kansas 31 USF 14

Cal 24 Maryland 10

Illinois 56 La-Lafayette 14

Missouri 49 Nevada 21

East Carolina 28 Tulane 14

Georgia 23 S.Carolina 13

Texas 52 Arkansas 6

Oregon 24 Purdue 23

Penn St. 42 Syracuse 10

BYU 34 UCLA 14

Auburn 28 Miss St. 8

Alabama 42 W. Kentucky 17

Texas Tech 69 SMU 21

Oklahoma 34 Washington 13

USC 21 Ohio St. 20

LSU 66 N.Texas 0

Utah 31 Utah St. 17

Arizona St. 45 UNLV 14

Wisconsin 33 Fresno St. 28

Iowa 21 Iowa St. 20

Baylor 16 WSU 9

Notre Dame 24 Michigan 16

Georgia Tech 24 VaTech 10

Nebraska 56 New Mexico St. 14

S. Miss 35 Arkansas St. 20

Connecticut 30 Virginia 17

ESP Handicapping Inc plays of the week:

Illinois (-24.5) over LaLafayette

S. Mississippi (+1.5) over Arkansas St.

Kansas (+3.5) over USF

Georgia Tech (+7) over VaTech

Check my NCAA blog Saturday morning for bonus selections and analysis. Weather details could be important on O/U plays this week so proceed with caution!


Posted on: September 10, 2008 4:04 pm

NFL week 2 fantasy pickups

Posted on: September 10, 2008 3:45 pm Score: 91  

NFL week 2 fantasy pickups


OK fantasy football fans, the season is underway and injuries to top talent is already testing rosters before bye weeks begin. I want to share some of my thoughts on how to manage your fantasy teams, who to go pick up in relief, and other relevant statistics that only true fantasy fanatics can understand!!

I might as well start with Quarterback. Every league had Tom Brady on one of its members teams, and injuries to first round draft picks so early in the season are difficult. Some options:

1. Kurt Warner, Arizona Cardinals.  It's amazing how available he is.

2. Trent Edwards, Buffalo Bills. This team has a lot of offensive weapons, and last seasons starts are paying dividends to this kid.

3. Kerry Collins, Tennessee Titans. With Vince Young's injury, and the running ability of his offense, Kerry could post some decent numbers for a playoff caliber team.

4. Chad Pennington, Miami Dolphins. My hopes are Chad will play steady, heady football and be a consistent fantasy scorer.

5. Matt Ryan, Atlanta Falcons. Fans, if this offense is able to run the ball consistently, Ryan is accurate and capable to rate spot starts.


My quarterback flyer: I want to give you a tip that might pay huge dividends. I'm looking for Brady Quinn to take over the job in Cleveland, and this kid has all star written all over him. If you have room on the bench, or you have Derek Anderson, GRAB THIS KID.


Running Backs: 1. DeAngelo Williams, Carolina Panthers. Another back that is on most free agent lists. 2. Chris Johnson, Tennessee Titans. Rookie has some talent and speed and Kerry Collins will help him. 3. Steve Slaton, Houston Texans. This team is close, and with Ahman Green nicked up again, Slaton is set. 4. Leon Washington, New York Jets. Thomas Jones counterpart will see plenty of action. 5. Maurice Morris/Julius Jones, Seattle Seahawks. If you're really in a pinch, this offense is losing weapons. Quick. Wide Receivers: 1. Devery Henderson, New Orleans Saints. Colston is out 4-6 weeks. 2. Robert Meachum, New Orleans Saints. Yep. 3. Eddie Royal, Denver Broncos. He lit up D Hall. 4. Greg Lewis, Philadelphia Eagles. Until Kevin Curtis gets back. 5. Anyone lining up against D Hall of the Raiders. Tight Ends: 1. LJ Smith, Philadelphia Eagles. Consistent. 2. Dante Rosario, Carolina Panthers. What a debut! 3. Tony Sheffler, Denver Broncos. Cutler has found a favorite target besides Marshall. 4. Anthony Fasano/David Martin, Miami Dolphins. Chad found em all day!
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